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The Screen Acting Academy Teen & Adult Training

The Screen Acting Room

Levels: 4
Semester 1: Beginner Level 1, Advanced Level 2
Semester 2: Expert Level 3, Master Level 4

The Screen Acting Room is SAA’s formal training course for students who want to begin their training with a commitment of 3 hours per week. In just 2 semesters, 12 weeks each, students will learn everything they need to know to be a successful actor for film and television.

SAA uses a hands-on, learn by doing approach. We give students the opportunity to perform scenes from professional screenplays in a real-world, film production environment.

Students will get a clear understanding of on camera techniques, emotional access and how to play a scene dramatically while remaining believable and truthful.

All four levels of The Screen Acting Room course will introduce students to practical and easy to do acting techniques by established masters of the craft. Pioneers such as Stanislavski, Adler, Meisner, Hagen, Strasberg, Moss and other key figures.

Students of The Screen Acting Room will gain experience performing in front of the camera, and will be guided by instructors who are accomplished actors that book roles all year round. Industry professionals run our classrooms like real film sets, using high tech studio equipment. In addition, students will gain excellent communication skills, improved self-worth and self-confidence, all of which will become second nature in front of the camera and in everyday life… You will be fearless and have tons of fun!!!

Audition Demo Reel included.

The two terms also include the opportunity to provide students with a pro-shot, industry standard film reel for additional costs.

The Screen Acting Room Registration Form (PDF)



The Actor’s Imagination

$325.00Book Now


The Surrounding Circumstances

$425.00Book Now

EXPERT – Level 3

On-Camera, On Character

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MASTER – Level 4

Become The Master Of The Craft

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Acting with your Voice

Levels: 2

Level 1: 6 classes
Level 2: 10 classes

Voice Acting jobs are on the rise! Content creation for animation, video games, and commercials are increasing in numbers every day and voice content producers need you!!!
SAA’s “Acting with Your Voice” is a comprehensive acting course targeted at getting actors hired for voice-over work! There are 1000’s of employable jobs for actors in this market, including video games, 3D Animation, Audio Books, Corporate Telecom Systems, and Commercials!

Course is split into two levels and empowers students to compete and win in the voice over market!

Students will learn:

  • Exercises and key ingredients needed to expand your voice’s tone, pitch, range, and rhythm!
  • Identify your voice type cast and how to sell it in the VO Market!
  • How to find, nurture and capitalize bookings with your own, natural voice!
  • Mastering the re-direct in voice auditions!
  • Mastering the 6 most commonly used accents in Video Games & 3D Animations, including the Standard American Accent!
  • Mastering the ability to change the quality of your voice to play industry standard architypes! (i.e. how to make your voice suitable for a villain versus the hero)
  • Commercial Markets: how to perform the soft sell versus the hard sell!
  • Industrial & Corporate Markets: how to get in on the action of audio books, educational / instructional VO’s, corporate training and telecom systems!
  • Character creation to mic performance!
  • Tech, Business & VO Marketing!
  • At Home Voice Demo & Audition Production!
  • VO Webinars and Expert Guest Speaker included!

Acting with your Voice Registration Form


Level 1


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Level 2


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Level 1 :The Fundamentals with Shawn Baichoo

2 classes, 5 hours per class
Frequency: Bi-Weekly or Sat and Sunday consecutively

Let’s face it. Action scenes dominate the market: ducking from a swinging punch, or jumping on the ground while taking cover from a tornado, or even something simple like pushing your scene partner against the wall… actors need training in stage combat. Whether you’re the lead actor fighting in “The Avengers”, or a day player running away from a gun fight, producers rather depend on actors that can handle physical exertion. They need to feel confident that you can handle stage combat and flexible movement and still be able to say your lines! Producers expect professional actors to adapt quickly to the blocking and the staging of movement without compromising the performance or wasting time on set.

SAA’s Stage Combat for the Screen Level 1 is a comprehensive 2 day workshop that will empower you to safely execute basic stunts while acting.

Students will learn: safety first (and the appropriate channels to report to should you feel unsafe), grabs, hair pulls, choking, collisions, fainting, slaps, punches and other physical movement seen on the screen!


Bi-weekly 2 classes per month

$285.00Book Now

Release of Liability Waiver



Level 2 : Intro to Weaponry and Defensive Techniques

You now have a solid foundation to safely fight on the offensive!
But now what about safely executing on the defensive?
Level 2 Stage Combat for the Screen will take care of that!

Move forward and master the skill to execute defensive movement such as blocking a punch, ducking from a swinging baseball bat, diving for cover and the like.

Once that is complete, students will be ready to jump into a choreo fight with scene partners. In addition, we will introduce weaponry, such as a knife, in our choreo fight scenes!

$285.00Book Now