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The Screen Acting Academy Film Studies & Production

Filmmaking and Directing

“Every Wednesday we touch and focus in on a set of tools and techniques in film-making!  Take 1 class to hone a specific skill (i.e. film editing) or register for the entire monthly program for 50% off.

We invite professional directors & crew to teach you the language and application of everything that happens behind the camera!

Aspiring Actors: Directors talk to actors with quick terms! Actors: learn how to translate these terms to service your technique! Understand them so you can take direction in an audition! Don’t be lost on set and flustered with panic! You need these classes!

Aspiring filmmakers: Learn how to direct actors for quick results! Learn how to make films from head to toe, including marketing, applying & going to festivals, grant applications and more! “

Every Wednesday starting Oct. 24th, 2018
Reg price: 60$ per class
Returning/Currently enrolled students: 40$ per class

$60.00Book Now

BUNDLE IT: Take all 4 classes and get 50% – 120$

$120.00Book Now

Film Studies

The Hollywood Boom

6 Classes
Instructor: Mike Migliara
Special Guest Speakers
Next Semester To Be Announced in August 2018

We learn by watching others as they say. More so, we get inspired by watching the best actors sprung out of Hollywood! Students will learn from the stars of Hollywood! We discuss in depth the acting techniques they use and how the camera comes into effect and aids their performances.

Complimentary Popcorn is served!

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The Actors Alliance

Only Graduates of The Academy & students who complete The Situation Room, are eligible for this membership.

Join our Alliance, and put your skills to work! Actor’s Alliance is The Academy’s actors club. Here, actors get together once a week! Our office, tools & equipment become your professional playground! We come together as artists and do what needs to get done! Schedules are posted, and groups are formed. In those groups, we start creating a desired project: short films, indie full length films, a showcase, theater vignettes performed on our stage, submit to film festivals, everything!

Actors can also use the space to make self-tapes, photoshoots, etc!

$75.00Book Now