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The Screen Acting Academy (SAA) provides educational, training and coaching services for aspiring Actors, and all creative spirits that want a career in performing arts.

The company was founded in 2012 by Canadian Casting Director, Mike Migliara. The SAA is a mecca for creative artists; uniting Actors, filmmakers, and industry professionals together by their shared passion. Actors are instructed and mentored by industry professionals, where they will learn to apply acting techniques, develop their method, Actors and become a success.

Join The Screen Acting Academy and discover Strasberg, Adler, Hagen, Meisner, and so many more!


Founder – Artistic Director – Instructor in Ottawa & Calgary

Mike Migliara has worked with many award winning Producers and Directors throughout his 20+ year career as a Casting Director, including George Clooney, Denis Villeneuve, and Jim Donovan.

Born and raised in Montréal, QC, Mike began his career soon after receiving his Baccalaureate in Fine Arts from Concordia University. Mike’s teachings techniques are unique as they draw upon his academic background in theatre and film, while also incorporating his inside knowledge of the film industry and casting process.

He is a member of the Casting Directors Society of Canada and has worked for many major Hollywood and Canadian production companies such as Warner Bros, Paramount Pictures, Nickelodeon, Ubisoft.. He has cast leads and principle roles for numerous feature films, TV Series, video games (motion capture and voice overs), commercials, and music videos.

Mike has applied his expertise to privately coach Actors such as Michael Mando, who now stars in the TV Series Better Call Saul (TV Series 2015-2022), Tim Rozon, who now plays as Doc Holliday in Wynonna Earp (TV Series 2016-2021), and Cindy Sampson who co-stars with Jason Priestley in Private Eyes (TV Series 2016-2021).

His extensive insight into the casting process gives Actors a comprehensive understanding of the skills needed to get cast. He is widely respected by many Canadian Actors, Talent Agents, and Directors for giving it all he’s got!


Resident Instructor in Ottawa

In her professional acting career, of over 20 years, Karen Cliche has had leading roles in 8 television series and 40 films, including guest appearances. One of her first acting roles was in a Francis Ford Coppola film shooting in Australia and Hong Kong. She found her niche in playing strong, intelligent, female characters with memorable exuberance. Karen has also starred in several comedies, one of which has earned her a nomination for a Gemini Award in comedy performance for The Business (TV Series 2006-2007) . In conjunction with her training in screen acting, Karen was an army brat. Her talent stems from observing many different cultures and countries around the world; watching many different personalities, experiences and situations. Academically, Karen studied psychology, which gives her strong precision in human behaviour, permitting her to make memorable choices in fleshing out her characters. Karen took some years off when she had her daughter, and now lives in Ottawa, ON. Time and time again, she continues to thrive in the entertainment industry – booking substantiated roles: from being a member of the supporting cast, to large principals! In just the last 3 years, she has booked 5 lead roles & supporting cast. As well as working extensively in the commercial market – lending her voice to radio and TV!


Resident Instructor in Ottawa – Stage Combat, Motion Capture, Voice and Screen

Shawn has been acting professionally for nearly 25 years. He is a multi-skilled actor that has been employed and trusted by Media Producers to deliver the goods on top rated projects. He is a veteran of the theatre, film and television, voice, stunts, motion capture, and fight choreography. He’s worked on such video game development such as Watchdogs 2, Rainbow Six: Siege, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, Far Cry 6, the Assassin’s Creed series, and many more. He has been cast for prominent speaking roles including lead and supporting cast. He is known and acclaimed for his diversity and character work.

He has a black belt in Shotokan Karate and studied with Fight Director’s Canada in 1999 after completing his theater studies. Since then, he’s also worked as a performing arts and stage combat Teacher, Fight Director, Stunt Performer, and Consultant.

Murph Hickey

Resident Instructor in Ottawa

Murph Hickey is a professional actor based in Ottawa. She has been acting for sixteen years, starting when she was just ten years old. A lover of theater, film and literature, Murph pursued a higher education in her passions. She entered the acting profile at the University of Ottawa and went on to graduate with honours. From there she went abroad acquired a Master’s Degree in the performing arts at East15 in London, England which is ranked the #1 performing arts program in The United Kingdom. Murph’s lifelong nerdy dreams came true when she played Touchstone from “As You Like It” at the infamous Shakespeare’s Globe in 2019. Since returning to Canada, Murph has been working in film and television. On TV, you can see her in Haunted Hospitals. Other speaking role credits include Pericles (Shakespeare), I Need a Christmas Vacation, Hometown Mysteries, and Expectations, Hometown Mysteries 2.

Rodrigues A. Williams

Resident Instructor in Ottawa

Actor/Writer ‘Rod’ Williams was born and raised in Ottawa, ON where he started pursuing theatre in 1993. Four years later, he moved to Vancouver, BC to make the migrate into the to Film & Television Industry.

There he became a member of ACTRA and worked with greats like the late Luke Perry (90210), Malcolm Jamal-Warner (The Cosby Show) & Victoria Rowell (The Young And The Restless).

In 2011, he returned to Ottawa where he has found much success performing in Hallmark Christmas Movies and Crime Drama Recreation Programs.

He has been represented by The Mensour Agency since 2016.


Corry Burke

Resident Instructor in Ottawa

Corry began his career with the famed New Ottawa Repertory Theatre (NORT) under artistic director, Paul Dervis. He has gone on to appear in numerous productions onstage, in film, and in television, including acclaimed performances on and off-Broadway. Paul provided him with an early stage example of selfless egoism, which is fundamental to the artform and craft. He studied under David Rotenberg and the Pro Actor’s Lab. There, Corry acquired the most modern and practical techniques being used today by the pros.

With 25 years in the business, 20 years of ACTRA membership, and a passion for performing, he brings an eclectic style to teaching, whereby the actor’s responsibility is emphasized and the collaborative elements are explored. He is excited for the opportunity to work with SAA now and into the future.

Michelle Leblanc

Resident Instructor in Ottawa

For over 20 years, Michelle LeBlanc has performed on stage, on camera, and behind the mic. She has appeared in over 30 staged productions including The Norman Conquests (Plosive/SevenThirty), Noises Off (Gladstone), The Comedy of Errors (Bear & Co.), and How the Other Half Loves (Gladstone). She’s worked on such films as We Are Zombies, Queen of Spades: Avarice, My Internship in Canada, Run to Me, His Master’s Voice and television series such as Street Legal and The Best Laid Plans. As a voice artist, she’s been in over a dozen Radio Shows, counting Voices from the Front, Casablanca, It’s A Wonderful Life, and Winnie-the-Pooh (Plosive).

She is the inaugural recipient of the Prix Rideau Emerging Artist Award for her work in The Good Father (SevenThirty). She holds a Capital Critics Circle Best Actress nomination for her work in Two (100th Monkeys) and an Outstanding Female Performance nomination for her performance in How It Works (SevenThirty).

She attended the Acting Conservatory Program at the Ottawa Theatre School and studied method acting techniques for several years. Through the years, she’s learned voice techniques with John Stocker and various coaches at Gravy For The Brain, and received on-camera training with Michael Gordin Shore and a number of casting directors including Ron Leach, Stephanie Gorin, Brian Levy and Gail Harvey. Her multi-disciplinary post-secondary education is a testament to her curiosity and love of learning. She’s acquired a Bachelor of Arts from the University of New Brunswick, a diploma from the Museum Studies Program at Algonquin College, and a Master’s in Science from the University of Ottawa.

Patrick Bugby

Resident Instructor in Ottawa

Patrick Bugby is a professional actor in the Ottawa and Perth theatre communities. He training is extensive in the theatre and in academia: Ottawa’s School of Speech and Drama, Algonquin’s Performance Arts Program, The Third Wall Academy.


Resident Instructor in Vancouver, British Columbia – Voice & Screen

Daniel Garcia is an American Actor with a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre from the University of North Texas. After graduating, Daniel spent 6 years abroad in China, being a series lead in the animated series Dream Defenders (TV Series, 2011), and doing voices for Disney, DreamWorks, and Tokyo TV Studios. While he was there, he was also busy touring with one of Hong Kong’s busiest Children’s Theatre Company as a resident Actor.

He also starred in commercials for Samsonite, Uhoo, and Diamond Water. Daniel moved to New York City and became a SAG-AFTRA member. He Co-Starred on an episode of  Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (TV Series, 2015-2020), and was featured in Succession (TV Series, 2018), and Mr. Robot (TV Series, 2015-2019). As a Theater Actor, Daniel has performed with The Royal Shakespeare Company in London, Disney World Family in Hong Kong, and the Manhattan Repertory Theatre in NYC.

Daniel is now living in Ottawa, ON as an ACTRA member and is working on current TV/Film projects being shot here.

Glen Gaston

Resident Instructor in Calgary

Originally from Montreal, Glen is a Toronto based actor who has appeared in theaters across the country including The Classical Theatre Project, The Citadel Theatre, Soulpepper Theatre, Theatre Exstasis, Theatre Network, Shadow Theatre, Theatre Aquarius, Western Canadian Theatre and The Great Canadian Theatre Company. He has directed many independent productions in Toronto including the Classical Theatre Project’s American Touring production of Romeo and Juliet.

Glen currently makes his home in Toronto with his wonderful wife Kristine, son Owen and daughter Meredith. He is an On Set acting coach and in Studio Acting Instructor for The Professional Actors Lab (Toronto). He is also a sessional Drama Instructor for York University and an Adjunct Professor in Public Speaking for George Brown College.

His film and TV credits include The Kennedys, The Firm, Murdoch Mysteries, May Day, Lost Girl, Queer As Folk, Warehouse #13, and An Xmas Horror Story. He is a graduate of both the BFA Acting Program at the University of Alberta and of the MFA Theatre Program (Directing) at York University. He is an Acting Instructor currently at Red Deer College Motion Picture Arts Program. He has also been an Acting Instructor for: The Pro Actors Lab (Toronto), York University Brock University, George Brown College, Seneca College, St. Lawrence College, University of Alberta and the University of Windsor.


Resident Instructor in Ottawa

Tomas Chovanec has been an Actor for over 20 years, earning his ACTRA card while still in high school at Etobicoke School of Arts, in Toronto.

Whether it’s an actor role, principal role, guest lead role, recurring role, lead role, he has the tools to be ready “on the day”.

With techniques learned from years of studying at Pro Actors Lab, Meisner Technique with John Riven, Audition Technique with Ron Leach, Voice Work with Rae-Ellen Bodie. Thomas knows how to work moment to moment, and work truthfully under imaginary circumstances.

“I’ll often be asked by curious people what it’s like getting to pretend all the time when you’re acting, is it fun to pretend to be a cop/lawyer/doctor/criminal etc.…,’ I will tell them my approach is more in line with; acting isn’t about pretending, it’s about revealing.

Acting truthfully under imaginary circumstances. Bring your life experience, use your imagination, and learn how to make it read on camera.”