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The Screen Acting Academy Summer Camp for Kids!

Wonder what it’s like to be an actor?

Your kids can step into the world of acting this summer at SAA’s CAMP CINEMA


Why Screen Acting is Great for Your Kids!

  • Builds Language & Communication Skills
  • Builds Confidence
  • Builds Creativity & Imagination
  • Builds Compassion & Empathy
  • Acting Skills are Transferable to Real World Experiences & Employment

What will they do?

  • Step into the life of an actor.
  • Have fun and build communication skills with public speaking & improv games.
  • Create and play various characters from movie scenes.
  • Voice cartoons and video games for animated characters.
  • Act in commercials.
  • Act on camera for film & television in a real-world environment.

Themed Weeks!

Each week will have a new genre!
Get to be a superhero one week and a villain the next

Example of weeks:
Week 1……………..Sci-Fi
Week 2…………….Thriller
Week 3…………….School Drama
Week 4…………….Animation & Video Games

What will they learn?

All summer camp activities are based off our Kids’ Workshops at SAA.

  • Acting with Your Voice in Animations, Video Games and Audiobooks
  • Acting with Your Voice for better articulation, communication & public speaking.
  • Scene Study for scoring scripts, creating characters and developing connection.
  • Improv, movement and musical skills.
  • How to audition for film & television including commercials.

How to Register:


You can select 1, 2 or all 4 weeks of Cinema Camp.  Each week is a new theme/genre!

Check out what some of our past students have done!