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The Screen Acting Academy Testimonials
Mike coached Tim for his 1st big break into stardom For his Lead role on “Instant Star”. “If Mike is around, there is no other choice for me. He’s simply the best, he should be a director”. Since then, Tim Roon hasn’t stopped working as an actor!

Tim Rozon is an award winning Canadian actor. His last award was A Canadian Screen Award For Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role in a Dramatic Program or Mini-Series in “Befriend & Betray”.

Gouchy Boy is ranked amongst the strongest African Canadian Actors in Canada. Mike’s self tapes with Gouchy Boy has made his amazing performances Stand out. Mike helped Gouchy Boy score a Principal Role on David Cronenberg’s “Cosmopolis”. “Thank you for your guidance I needed to get to where I am today”
Guido Grasso is a successful actor and comedian. He shares the stage with Australian star comic Joe Avati on all his tours. In 2013, Guido Grasso booked 3 roles after using “Skype Mike” online coaching service. One of them being A large supporting role in TV Movie “Nicky Deuce”. Since then, Guido calls Mike Every time; landing him roles and call backs all the time. “Thank you Mike. 2 coachings = 2 roles! Your help is priceless!”
Caitlin Pasquet loves working with Mike. 2 roles booked in one month After Mike’s coaching sessions on TV Movie Nanny’s Revenge, and Feature Film “The Perfect Surrogate!”
Robbie Hawes not online has call upon Mike to coach him, But he is also one of his students and graduate of The Situation Room. In 2014, Robbie booked a supporting Role on YTV series The Game, making him now a full Actra member And better than ever before!
In 2014, Grace Zanichkowsky booked a lead role in () She’s amongst Mike Migliara’s top students and a graduate Of The Situation Room. It’s only a question of when she hits The screens of Hollywood!
Leonardo thought Level 1 was enough and left, Only to return for more in the following levels. He Thanks everyday that he came back to the Situation Room. Since then, he booked a principal role in TV Movie “House of Versace”, and a reoccurring role in YTV Series “The Game”. He is Now an Actra Member!
With Mike’s “Audition on Wheels” Service , Mike saves the day. Actress Stephanie Moore just got cast on Degrassi for a reoccurring role. She was stuck and her schedule was so full, that she almost past on the audition. Her agent told her about YourCasting’s “Audition on Wheels” Service, where Mike comes to you, the actor, with a pro studio, while you prepare and handle your chores at home. Stephanie & Mike had a great session. The taping quality was just as good as In a professional studio space and showed off Stephanie’s solid performance! Con-grates Stephanie! And at your service anytime!r!
Adam Reid never stopped working hard and never gave up. When he finally became ready to hit the city of Toronto, Adam Called on Mike and his YourStart service to be ahead of the game. Mike’s YourStart consultation helped him sign with one of the biggest talent agents In Canada.
During her training and afterwards, Samantha MacDonald continues to book roles in film & television. In 2013, she booked an actor role on a YTV Series!
At only 8 years old, Reed Ramsden is now a power house! Mike worked With Reed as his teacher, and as his coach. Most recently, Reed booked a Lead role in a MOW called Nanny’s Revenge that shot in Ottawa Ontario & cannot thank Mike enough for making it simple!!
Max Humphrey and his younger brother Sam are from Halifax, Nova Scotia and have been using “Skype Mike’s” online coaching service for years. Sam Booked a principal role on TV Series “Seeds” because of Mike’s great Coaching. Both Max & Sam have already been nominated for The Young Artists Choice Award in Los Angeles! Thanks boys for believing in me as Much as I believe in yoU!