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The Screen Acting Academy SAA’s Short Film Project

The SAA Short Film Project is a creative output source for our students to become professionally active immediately after they graduate from any of our formal training.

This increases our students visibility in the film market and promotes them as working actors with popularity and a following. Your Casting Academy provides funding to produce the short films and/or submits to film festivals across the world. Students benefit by the short films promotions which makes their talent portfolio look stronger and attracts talent agents, casting directors and producers to take notice.


2019 Short Film | Duration: 0:04:36

Production: Yellow Flower FilmsRGVision Multimedia Productions
In Association with: The Screen Acting Academy
Executive Producer(s): Mike Migliara / Iyore Edegbe
Co-Producer: Jesse Palangio
Director: Iyore Edegbe (YCA Graduate 2019)
Cast: Nahomie Kreyhol (YCA graduate 2019)
Sayeed Nabeel (YCA graduate 2019)


2019 Short Film | Duration: 0:04:36

SAA Short Film Project is proud to submit this amazing short film “Pathogen A.D” to festivals that are dedicated to our artists helping people through their work during the COVID-19 Pandemic. A 3 minute version was submitted to Toronto’s Isolated Short Film Festival. This version continues to be submitted to Short Film Festivals around the world.


2018 Short Film | Duration: 0:03:19

Production: RGVision Multi Media Productions
Producer(s): Mike Migliara
Director: Hayden Rose (YCA Graduate 2018)
Directorial Consultant: Damien Fannon
Cast: Gerardo Lo Dico (Former Student) Daryl Banks (Former Student)