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The Screen Acting Academy Youth Training (ages 8 to 12)

LEVEL 1: The Fundamentals and The Imagination

Classes: 6
Class Frequency: once a week
Class Time: 2 hours per class

 Mastering their on-camera skills and becoming professional actors in no time!  At the end of the course, kids will get the opportunity to act in SAA’s short film! Our short films are produced with Ottawa’s top industry professionals and on a real film set! The footage can then be used for your talent demo reels!

Kids will learn how to:

  • Improve and strengthen their communication and public speaking skills with breath conservation and articulation exercises.
  • Strengthen their confidence.
  • Scene study: how to compete and stand out among 100’s of actors, by making strong and unique scene choices.
  • Behave professionally on-set.
  • Apply “On Camera Audition” techniques including Zoom/Online auditions.
  • Take direction / adapt quickly to a director’s re-direct on set.
  • Reach their emotional selves and still perform realistically in front of the camera instead of “over the top” performances that seem “fake”.
  • How to perform from one movie genre to the next: Thriller, Comedy, Drama, etc.
  • Strengthen their improvisational skills.
  • How to make strong scene choices that are practical and time efficient
  • Adjust their performances for the frame: Acting in a “close-up” verses acting in a “full shot”
  • Understand Industry “Lingo” and on-set instructions, including how to read production documents issued to actors.

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LEVEL 2: On Set, On Camera!

Classes: 6
Class Frequency: once a week
Class Time: 2 hours per class

Now that our young actors have a strong foundation and  have nurtured their imaginations, we are camera ready! Get ready to shoot in SAA’s multi-camera production studio! SAA will also provide great professional scene footage! Perfect to showcase their talent!

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LEVEL 3: Audition Technique & a Short Film Project!

Classes: 6
Class Frequency: once a week
Class Time: 2 hours per class

It’s time to get your kids an agent and get them to perform in our short film!
Check out our students from previous semesters! Our short films have special effects!

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Classes: 8
Class Frequency: once a week
Class Time: 2 hours per class

Got an audition for a commercial?! A public service announcement?! Or a toy commercial?! Great! Okay… But the casting office is asking you to IMPROV, gave you a scenario and no text? Or a script and you do not know how to play natural while selling a product!! No sweat!

Learn everything there is to know in any and every scenario for kids commercials!

Students will learn:

  • The differences between a hard sell and a soft sell.
  • How to play emotions realistically and positively to sell their products perfectly.
  • How to convincing talk directly to the camera and be the host of the product.
  • How to be confident and convincing that your likability is worth 1000’s of followers.
  • On camera technique for commercial acting (there are different principles than in film and television!)
  • Audition technique for commercial acting (there are different key principles than in film and television!)

When our young actors complete this course, they will get the opportunity to record in our studio and perform in a real commercial! They will in turn receive a copy of their commercial which they may then use in their demo reel and on their resume! We have partners lining up for a fresh take on their products and they’re collaborating with us for new commercials all the time!  

Check out our students in action! Here’s the commercial they performed in last semester!!

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